My sisters validated my claim

My sisters are smart and knowledgeble about life in general and many,many, other things. They’ve both led fulfilling lives and are relatively successful besides being nice people. But we were talking last night and the conversation turned into confidence. Both my sisters said that lots of people out there are not as confident as they act. Many people are faking it. They told me that lots of people who we all know and that I envy have low-self esteem.


Everyone wears a mask, yes?

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All the world is a stage and people are just bit actors on it.


Winston Churchill was dogged by depression. I think Abraham Lincoln was too. A lot of very famous people were wrecks in their personal lives. Elvis Presly and Marily Monroe both od’ed on drugs, as did a lot of rock stars. Those were people we thought had all the answers.

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I sometimes put on a brave face. I try to give advise here to give meaning to my life right now. I also like helping people, but some things are triggering like all of those articles about what SZ does to the brain. Things like that make me panic.

I read an article on NPR about empathy being the only thing that helps people who have lost a close loved one. I think that making those connections with others helps improve self esteem too. We realize that we are more alike than different.

I used to fake it, thought I could fool people because I had fooled my parents. My parents just didn’t want to know anything bad about me, thought I’d breeze thru life without problems. Not so.