My score on a narcissism test was high

My score: 84.
Score of certain narcissism: 97

Essentially this test is saying that sensitive introverts could be Maladaptive Covert Narcissists.

This test hit a LOT of important questions for me. I’m always hiding to avoid humiliation, and even the friends I’ve had in the past I didn’t let really know me, because if they did my brain says they’d reject me. And even more I can see selfishness and entitlement in myself all the time.-------------------------------------

Any thoughts on this finding from what seems to be a credible site? I feel that I am a narcissist.------------

So what, you are a Narcissist.
Welcome to our new world.
Society is filled with these self absorbed creatures.

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“So what, you are a Narcissist” Well, that’s true. I’m a selfish person always deliberately misinterpreting people’s reactions to me as a conspiracy. One time out of the corner of my eye I saw two employees whispering about me. But when I looked directly at them the cashier’s head wasn’t even facing towards the direction of her ear. But yeah, going to live with fearing I look like an obvious narcissist, becoming a target.

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Hmmm I agree with some items on that list, but I think I dodged the bullet. :relieved:

The last thing I’d need besides my sz is a narcissistic personality. Then I’d really have no place in this world. I need to believe things can get better socially wise, and I can eventually find a suitable partner.

Friendship wise, I think my friends mostly have good opinions about me, but you’d have to ask them.

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You’re good to have friends ( I told mine to get lost because I suspected conspiracy ). But I’ve noticed on- YouTube a lot of how-to-handle-narcissists videos and it seems like they’re considered scum of the earth. Which could be true if someone gaslights and does DARVO to hurt people that actually care about them.

I told my doc I always wanted to be a narcissist but I’m too self-centered.

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I worried I was, but according most psychologists I’ve seen, I’m not one, so I guess I should just listen to their advice

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