Are you a narcissist?

According to psychologist supposedly if you answer yes to thinking you are a narcissist then usually you are contrary to what people normally believe. So would you consider yourself a narcissist? I feel like I am, but then again there’s certain qualities that I wonder if it means I’m not, can be confusing, do you consider yourself one?

I’ve been called it. Usually by people who actually are narcissistic on a personality level.

Everyone can go through phases of being narcissistic or extroverted or introverted but generally personality unless you have a disorder , is quite malleable

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My father has narcissistic traits and my brother is a full fledged narcissist.
I’m very familiar.

I’m the token empath.

There’s actually a few of us scattered about.


Growing up as a teenager probably…maybe undiagnosed Asperger’s syndrome. I probably got something else going on too. But Asperger’s fits me perfectly. I do have empathy but I struggled with it growing up and I think that was the autism. Schizophrenia gave me so much compassion for others and empathy it’s amazing. I never realized I would end up schizophrenic but I did. I suffered so much that I have made fundamental changes in my personality and life. If I am anti-social, it’s because of the schizophrenia so I take my medication. Even the doctor said that. That my weird thoughts are the product of schizophrenia and crap. I was normal before that.

I never was told I was a narcissist except as a teenager by a psychologist. Growing up, I probably hated my dad, but I changed and turned that around and he improved. He was a jerk to me.

I might have traits but that’s it. I was just so self-centered and worried about success and stuff but leaned more aspergerian. Asperger’s fits me to the T and I’m proud of it. I struggled for sure. I would stare into the mirror a lot after that stuff in high school but mostly because I thought something was wrong with me; a flaw; or maybe I saw my face change like perception or something.

In my dreams I get called a narcissist sometimes, but it feels like past life crap where I was messed with. It doesn’t matter. It feels real.

I feel like aliens could have given me Asperger’s but maybe not. I even questioned myself if I was a psychopath before but I’m not. I scored low on self testing. Same thing with borderline personality and stuff. Only thing I lied about was my IQ and my personality test. I’m definitely an INTJ now; my IQ isn’t over 140; and I have low emotional intelligence, and test high for avoidance personality disorder, and have OCD and paranoid streaks in me.

I’m also gullible and naive and innocent. I can’t read body language or read people’s intent or intentions towards me so I avoid them. I often think other people are dangerous so I stay away from the rest of society.

Sometimes I doubt I have schizophrenia but maybe severe bipolar type 2 or something, but I just go with the flow now and say I got schizoaffective disorder – depressive type + mild Asperger’s syndrome…

My ex husband was a full on narcissist and i spent nearly 20 years with him. I now wonder if having lived with him for so long whether I have acquired any of his traits or not, I hope not.

I was told 5 percent of Asperger’s people get schizophrenia. Mine was from drugs 10 years ago…bad luck for sure.

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Before I got schiz I was definitely a narcissist and a sociopath. I think that combined with doing drugs is how I ended up with schiz. I still have narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies. But nothing like when I was a teenager. I was a flat out psycho in school.

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Not only that but vain with my very mild looks and charming presence

I love that term, because I can so relate to it. Token empath is perfect

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I don’t know what a narcissist is.

I reckon im a bit of a narcissist, cos my voices are usually praising me, or being over nice, almost condescending.

And as its coming from my brain, i must have some issues somewhere lol

No - I am not. 1515

Obsession with self?

Hm, perhaps I am but it’s only because I am trying to recover from illness so a lot of focus I put on myself atm, not all, but a lot. I do have others in mind though.

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Pretty much always have been but I don’t know lately
Not as bad as my father

I really don’t know. I can be very happy about anything I do that’s good, but there is also a lot of self hatred in my makeup. Sometimes the self hatred is stronger than any positive feelings I have about myself.

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It’s entirely possible to admit to being a narcissist and be an actual narcissist.

It takes ages to brainf*ck yourself into becoming one. Why would a single word undo it?

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