Are you an Introvert? Extrovert? Ambivert?

I took this quiz and found out that I had a lot more extrovert qualities than I thought!

Check it out!

I used to be a huge extrovert. I still have a lot of those tendencies. It’s not as much as I used to be, but I’m still an extrovert in my own way.

I like the survey. Very cool.

I am Extrovert with some Ambivert functions.

I am a introvert/ambivert. I tend to stick to myself most of the times

According to that i’m an introvert with some ambivert functions. I would personally say introvert describes me better.

it said i was an introvert with ambivert functions but i describe myself just an introvert.

I am both, or can be both. My schizophrenic side makes me an introvert.
My Manic side makes me an Extrovert. I am diagnosed with SZA.


i was so introverted , i imploded.
take care

This time i selected the options before i became ill and the result is ( You’re predominantly an Extrovert.

I took the test they said: ( You have reached 69 of 100 points, (69%)…You’re an Extrovert with some Ambivert functions )… not really what I’ve expected but nice !

I’m Ambivert. scored 50. Seems to fit me.

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I am Ambivert. 47 points. I used to be Extrovert when I was a kid… or before I got ill.

Thanks for taking the quiz and posting!

I thought it was very interesting that we all aren’t the stereotypical sz introverts.



i never heard of them labels

I’d never heard the word “ambivert” before either!

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time in fact…I think it’s also generational in a way.(maybe)

Some of the older men in my SZ group had a hell of time getting stable because the meds were horrid, the knowledge was shaky at best and the treatments looked horrifying.

These guys really had a lot to over come to get their feet back under them. But guys in my generation were still able to go to college, the knowledge of Mental Illness is still not the best, but so much better then it was 25-30 years ago. The meds are better, the other supplemental therapies are being encouraged not cast aside as silly time wasters. People can see that we can do more, get stable and not spend our life in a sad mental ward.

I bet the kids who have SZ now and are growing up now will have the benefit of even better meds, even better treatments and even better doctors. More importantly, more understanding from the other population in general. They won’t fit the old introvert, untrainable, chronic patient labels either.

I remember reading some article from a retiring doctor who was doing a then and now look at mental illness treatment. If I ever find it again, I will post it. He was saying how when he first started medicine negative symptom wasn’t even addressed because positive symptoms seemed so dramatic. All meds were based on positive symptom. Now that both sets of symptoms are being studied and acknowledged a better prognosis is starting to develop for all.

Keeping a positive attitude. :smiley:

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That’s very true, J. Having schizophrenia 25-30 years ago must’ve seemed like a death sentence. The go-to standard was hospitalization. And the first generation antipsychotics used then had very harsh side effects. Med compliance then was SO much harder, just because of the terrible side effects. And the untreated negative symptoms would be paralyzing and isolating.

We have SO MUCH to be thankful for, as people with schizophrenia in the modern age. Better knowledge, better supports, and better treatments.

And, I believe, it’s going to continue to get better. So lets stay positive :slight_smile:



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I got introvert with some ambivert functions XD

I scored highly as being an extrovert, with some ambivert qualities.
I too have never heard of ambivert.
As regards to current treatment and medications, things are definitely a lot better. Not perfect, but we’re slowly getting there.

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I think J is right on this. I was diagnosed in 1972 and put on a first generation antipsychotic and I knew of absolutely no one who was in the same situation. I had to introvert because no one would understand. (My parents were understanding but to talk about my delusions and hallucinations was out of the question)

When I started suffering extrapyramidal side effects the doctor said he had “heard” that Cogentin worked and I should try it. The side effects of the Cogentin dose they gave me were worse than the neck stiffness caused by the anti-P so I just lived with a pain in my neck for about 4 years until (I guess) my body adapted to the original medicine.

I would have learned so much about dealing with schizophrenia from a forum like this, which didn’t exist then.

I think there’s a danger in a forum though. I know that being totally alone I made the effort to act as normal as possible to get along. Whereas you know that there are some life-styles that are not so normal that work for others. And as it turned out, I’m glad I made the effort to be normal. The game was worth thecandle.

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