My Real Identity and Underlying Issues

The whole mechanism of myself is dissociation from the world. Derealization.

Then my personality is dissociation from that of derealization. Depersonalization.

When someone on the exception list kicks in through the door of derealization, he/she won’t be going any further to my real identity, there is simply no door accessible through depersonalization.

Double-Layer Defense Mechanism.

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The outer layer is derealization; The inner layer is depersonalization.
Mysterious puzzle over the years has finally been solved!

It sounds like you might be talking about what is called in psychology terms “disassociation” Is that right? I guess something similar to depersonalization

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Yes, it is. The correct word for it is “dissociation”, SzAdmin, you may have cited different word “disassociation” which has similar meaning.
Thanks for the link. It helps clarify what I was referring to. I hope this topic will not mislead anyone.

I also have depersonalization and derealization.

It is a symptom of schizophrenia that you feel the world and people unreal, as if you were living in a dream, movie or game. You feel weird all the time, like in a different world from the rest.