Are other people real to you

I get the strange idea that other people aren’t real. That I’m in this world alone and others are just a fantasy. And that no one can really help me. I’ve got it good now so I really don’t understand why I’m thinking this way.


Hi Chordy,

It sounds like what you might be experiencing is “Dissociation” - where you tend to disassociate yourself from other people or reality or the world (you feel like things or people are unreal). I believe that a major trigger for this is frequently stress. Have things gotten more stressful for you recently?

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I feel this way a lot, it really sucks. Especially when its people I love that I think are either in my head, or I think its just a lower reality that I can see just because I haven’t evolved enough to see the next level of experience or “higher consciousness”

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Yes, that sounds like me but I’ve been this way a long time.

I used to think they were all actors in my life, like that movie The Truman Show…now i dont think that

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I think it would probably be helpful to talk to your Pdoctor about this and perhaps discuss some anti-anxiety medications and possibly CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for anxiety.

I still wonder if everyone I’m close to are just "inside job"people.
That I’m really alone, and others are a web to monitor me. How else does everyone know things about me that arn’t real that Ive done only to throw them off?

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Thats pretty common for me. Never feel like I can relate to anyone. I operate under the disguise of professionalism. It suits me well with my cologne and my matched colors. Not me… Never was me. It was only me pretending. And they all pretend too.

Indeed, inside of my, I yearn for sincerity. Honesty… Relationship. But… is it real? Can it ever be real? I don’t know.

I know that pretending for some is real.

some are like family and friends and townspeople and your average joe anywhere in the world but there are some who’ve pretended to b friendly only to ruin my life. most people r genuine though.

I see my pdoc this Monday and will mention it.

I have this problem a lot. Sometimes I think my whole social circle is fake and a projection. LIke i see them but they dont seem solid or real. Sometimes I think that im not real.

People are never real to me. Once when I was 18, someone began to come through to me. It about blew my mind + I quickly retreated.[quote=“Emilyjk101, post:11, topic:1196”]
Sometimes I think that im not real
[/quote] Me, too. But it’s all the time.

In that - you are different from me.

to beautiful chordy,
the Jedi Council are very real to me !
take care

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People feel all too real for me but i wish they were not real. I’m always glad when it is not a person i know trying to read my mind.

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I get dissociative this way sometimes, on bad days beyond just feeling like they’re unreal, they seem like some kind of strange two dimensional facsimiles and their voices take on a quality something like the teacher in the charlie brown cartoons. like being surrounded by some kind of automatons that don’t make any sense and don’t quite fit in with my experience of reality. stress is a huge trigger for this for me.

i think it’s because you cant feel affections and thoughts of others and percieve yourself the only one who have affections and thoughts and you see others as programed robots, i think this can categorize in negative symptoms of sz.

To me other people are just there, I feel they don’t see me and I could walk through them. I don’t feel like I move my own limbs and I think that could be part of my problem.

I tend to think about what could happen and when it doesn’t I get mad and the voices often shout incoherent things which makes me cry randomly and to start having sort of a panic attack. At first I thought I was mad or deranged in some way.

Does anyone else experience these?

Are other people real to me? Good question. For the most part no…people are not real. People become real to me only if I have direct face to face contact with them. The general public to me are not real. I am aware they exist but they might as well not be real. In some ways I see the general public as robots…or just machines…things which are not really real. Even some of my family dont seem real to me…

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“I feel they don’t see me and I could walk through them.” I feel like i’m the center of other’s attention, but it is not a good sort attention. Someone’s always criticizing or badmouthing me.