3rd person view?

Do you ever feel out of body and mind completely like someone else has taken over you and you are viewing yourself in 3rd person? Is there a better way to stay within yourself?


Yes, i tried it last time i was hospitalized… i said to the nurse, i was not existing,i was gone, it took a couple of days to shake it off and i bounced back to my own self.

I think it might be this ?

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Yes exactly, the way i bounced back was strangely enough to get out of hospital (really bad experience this time) and get hold of myself at home reducing stress, work, opiates & alcohol

I experienced severe derealization on Vraylar.
It was scary.

Hmmm, yeah, I wonder if that was my main issues all along.

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Honestly I never really agreed with the diagnosis of schizophrenia. I think Dp/Dr is more accurate from my knowledge of myself. APs never worked for me and ADs work much bettter, which is typical for Dp/Dr. If only I could explain to my doctor.

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