My questions without answers

  1. why did it happen to me?
  2. why one hundred years of study about schizophrenia and in 2020 no cure, no knowledge about cause and no glimmer of hope?

There will never be a cure. You can’t change the physical structure of the brain, you can only control the chemical imbalance it causes.


Never say never. Personally, I believe it can be done.

Ya, the whole “why me???” crosses my mind all the time. Like why do I deserve this ■■■■. Nobody deserves this ■■■■ not even my worst enemy!!!

I come up with excuses that it’s man-made and was given to me on purpose. I often think I’m the 1 in a billion that got it from the Montauk Project and time travel and even aliens. Luckily, it has improved 10-fold or even 100-fold over the years. I still have a lot to go on improving myself…

I honestly believe if they can invent time travel (which I’m sure exists already) they can definitely cure schizophrenia or even send the cure back in time. It’s not hard to understand this.

if you understand the reality of the condition as it as in itself ,It is so easy to find answers by yourself without teacher !

At first,you should determine ,what are the essential nature of the new things which has been arisen suddenly inside your self ,and make you feel permanent suffering that do not eradicate medically,despite all the improvements features that occur as a result of treatment?

If you did it right and exactly,the problem that remain existed is that,the therapist has no interest to treat these things that cause your main suffering ,because he does not has actual data about these things And they does not exist as a target in the treatment plan

In most cases,he thinks that,these things are empty speech,mythological imaginations , unreal things or it is your own thoughts / feelings and culture that invent your suffering

( effect’s severity of the phonetic emitter (hallucination) on the receptors is greater than the effect of inhibiting factors And it imprinting a false metal concept in the receptors cannot be muted by any action of chemical substances )

What the facts that you do not know if the sz did not occurred to you ?

Accept it that some questions do not have an answer.

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I have a theory that there are multiple causes. Not all people have these symptoms for the same reason so they can’t pin down a specific cause.

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If you suffer from the parasitic health condition that you call Sz;
You are eyewitness for creation of a new psychological creatures within the time-place of your conscious state

A creation of a living entities form the absolute NOTHING (zero )
A eyewitness for the existence of a living self in a state of isolation without owning an organic body (a living self without genetic functions at all )
A psychological life without genetic material or functions
To be an eyewitness for a psychological entities not from the mankind !!

To be an eyewitness for the fact that the mind is an independent entity and is not the brain
whatever you say about the chemistry of this brain !
there are many facts related the essential nature of the phenomenon that we called The thought ,memory ,imagination …etc

I know, the severity of the suffering make oneself rejects all answers whatever the facts that you know from the coexistence with the sz inside the own self

Cancer victims have a high risk of having cancer again. It is chronic too. Remissions are possible. I wish remissions become longer. I don’t believe in cure.

Accepting a condition is one way of dealing with a problem. Belief in some kind of karma helps. After all everything is pre-ordained.

Sufficient knowledge of the genetics is required to either mask or remove schizophrenia from the human DNA.

You must answer the first question not any one ,because the answer is related to yourself
While the objective question that is supposed to be asked is;
Is there anyone of you who knew why the sz had happened to him ?

Why there is no cure from schizophrenia ?
There are many causal factors related the nature of sz itself ;
1- Sz itself,is higher in rank and development than the phenomena which they are called the human self,the mind or the human conscious state
2- The internal logic of the phenomena,processes and events of the sz condition is radically differs about the logic of the disorder / processes that occur in the classical diseases which be studied and known by human medicine

3-All forms of changes,mutations,disorders and symptoms which related sz is differs from A to Z about what occurs in all types of diseases
4-Sz itself,is more smarter than the human reasoning which is used to identify the disease and its causes
5-The sz has higher intelligence than the content of all casual / therapeutic theories that have been said / written about sz throughout hundred years ago

6-No pathogen of any known disease can do what the sz’s pathogen does in the chemical and mental nature of the human host,at least the sz’s pathogen is a conscious pathogen ,it is more developed in structure / function than the mentality of the human being !

7- the pathogen has a properties of structure and function that make it much stronger that the human host during the bilateral conflicts that occur between them during all waking hours
8-When you underestimate the capabilities of the sz’s pathogen and think that it mere an imaginations of things that do not actually exist,the price paid will be the constant complaint that there is no cure for sz !

9- unexpected ,the capabilities of sz’s pathogen are used with a purpose of demolition,inability,deficiency,incapacitating and failing the mental functions of the host that operate normally !
-Failuar to employ the mental function as desired by the psychological will and achieve the personal interests
-what distinguishes a person with sz about all people without sz ?

  • Having the inherited / acquired natural abilities to perform any successful mental task that achieves personal interests,however, the intervention processes of the sz’s pathogen with the kinetic paths of mental processes and with their cognitive content causes loss the ability to direct the attention arrow towards the subject that supposed to treat its data mentally in order to carry out successful mental processes that serve the personal’s interest *

Problems in treating Sz as a genetic disease
For example, the hallucination (sz’s pathogen itself) does not disappear for one minute by action of any medical drug ,while the disappearance is the only criterion for final cure from SZ
The therapeutic theories are irrelevant in treatment the actual functional cause of sz
If you do not know what the thing is (hallucinations) ,you cannot cure it ,and you will live your life in the hope that may be a drug can effect the hallucinations and creating the healing by absolute chance !

You can notice the discussions / questions that arise in the media ,you find that they revolve around the dose concentration and the effectiveness of the different drugs, waiting to a super- drug cure the sz forever by chance !

Experimental treatments that are not designed on proven scientific knowledge of the existential cause or the functional cause (hallucinations) that is supposed to effect medically