My Psychotic Episodes

I was projecting my own creativity on to the world, and responding to my own echo.

Can any of you relate to this?


For me it was more nonsense than creativity. How does psychosis make you creative if its considered bad?

But isn’t a good chunk of creativity ‘nonsense’ anyways?

I mean I heard hypomania makes you a bit more creative but not psychosis.

During psychosis I would connect dots that had no business being connected. But somehow I would make it all fit.

When the desired response to an action I made did not occur, my mind would manufacture a response…in other words…I would simply be responding to my own echo.

Do you follow what I’m saying?

No but ideas are illogical during psychosis, at least for me.

I disagree.

I wrote down several quotes while I felt ‘enlightened’ during psychosis.

These quotes still stand up today. I’d call it logic on hallucinagins or somethin.

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Well it wasnt for me and thats why I am on meds.
Good that you were better during psychosis.

More creative. 15

I think this was one of my best psychotic quotes…

Bad art can make you laugh
Good art can make you think
Great art can destroy you

When I wrote “Great art can destroy you”, I was thinking of Ali staying in the boxing ring too long…Hemmingway killing himself…Van Gogh cutting off his own ear…etc.

I had a conversation with my brother over a drink after I was released from the Hospital for the 5th time.

Me: “Hey Bro. Life can get pretty boring after you’ve reached the state of Zen on several occasions.”

Brother: “Pat. That’s not Zen, it’s madness!”

Me: “Well maybe you have to go mad to reach the state of Zen.”

Brother: “Hmm…”

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No, I can’t relate to this.

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I thank you for saying this.
I have fought the delusional state as well.

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