My psychosis doesn’t qualify as psychosis?

Because it was very mild and I had partial insight

You need to calm down.

Acting like this isn’t doing you any favors.

Accept that you are ill and that you’re on medicine.

How to accept that? It’s hard for me

You are a lot more ill than you think. It is just hearing deamons communicate to you through the tv is just a normal occurrence to you.

It’s not a normal occurrence for me and I don’t believe in it anymore

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Everyone here has given you advice and personal experiences of acceptance.

It’s up to you to work on it now.

Talk to your therapist and doctor.


That is good, you seem to be doing very well. It is just that wouldn’t count as very mild.

They keep saying that I’m sick and need meds for years

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Because you are sick and you do need meds. The reason you’re doing better now is because you had your Abilify injection

I feel like this too i had insight. Sometimes i wonder if i would ever hear voices back if i stopped pills…

Mild or severe , psychosis is psychosis … i had insight also and took myself to visit a psychiatrist because I knew something was off

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Ditto what @goldenrex has told you.

I will however add that being this obsessive is not a good use of your time, and you will only make your problems seem worse by putting everything into question all the time.

Appreciate you may be struggling to accept this, but you are going to have to eventually, and the quicker that happens the better for you and everybody else

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I think I have OCD maybe thats why?

No one here is going to diagnose you.

So stop asking if we think you have various things.

But I need a real diagnosis in order to be treated properly

Not really.

They treat the symptoms.

You’re young so an official diagnosis is probably a long way off.

I think you’re focusing on all the wrong things and not helping yourself get better.

Why can’t I get an official diagnosis? It’d help me understand this more

The injection doesn’t even work

Diagnosis does take time sometimes… mine took 10 years and I dont know it is correct… however they look at the symptoms more … psychosis is a symptom which requires antipsychotics

I had symptoms all through childhood and my teen years,

Wasn’t diagnosed with schizophrenia until I was 19.

Until then it was just labeled psychosis.