My psychiatrist had said I keep feeling sorry for myself and I agree to change

I want to take action and stop feeling sorry for myself,my psychiatrist say my attitude is that I always feel sorry for myself and not really seeking to change my behavior…I promise I would change it from today onwards

I had googled up and find article to stop feeling sorry for oneself as it can suck up a lot of energy

What do you guys have for comment actually and any good tips/suggestion?

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I felt sorry for myself until just recently. What I did to change was to not dwell on the past anymore no matter what the circumstance. I am “free” from feeling pain now from “what happened to me”,

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Thank you,did you take any action,or did you just suddenly think that you will not dwell on the pass?and than it helps?i really want to beat this negative attitude and I will be active trying to beat it

As Patch of Blue has suggested: To-Do >> Do

When I’m feeling sorry for myself, I think…
“If you really loved me,
You’d have sympathy for me,
You’d understand me,”

The sympathy I’m looking for probably wouldn’t be good for me,
and the understanding I’m looking for is a mirage.

@plumber please enlighten me,what does To-Do>>Do means?

Take action. Instead of 纸上谈兵。

@Mobc1990, I was really depressed and down every morning and through out the day and I thought about the past like I always did one time and I thought “this makes me feel bad, so I’m not going to think about the past anymore.” Now I live day to day only being happy with what I have. One thing you might try to remember is be thankful for what you DO have. A lot of people are worse off than me and that makes me see that I really have no reason to be sad.

My psychiatrist, who has many wise sayings up her sleeve told me that I am a perfectionist, and that i expect perfection when it comes to my symptoms and treatment. She also admitted to me that psychiatry is not a perfect ‘science’ so do not expect perfection - I do like her honesty


@jukebox,thank you,your experience and comment can help,I will be grateful and thankful for things that I do have,like still alive,having a fit physic,and not totally psychotic at all

Some article had mentioned that writing things your grateful and thankful,happy for in life everyday,will be a big step of killing feeling sorry for yourself

I find that I always feel sorry for myself having this illness and self pitying,At least I found the main reason,I will change patiently and not feel sorry for myself and gain a positive attitude

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I have episodes of anger when I think people haven’t treated me right. It’s probably not healthy. The best thing is to just not worry.

good that you want to change your attitude
feeling sorry for yourself Is a very negative emotion.
positive affirmations help me. keep trying to get the best out of life and to get yourself as well as possible but also count any blessings that you might have and realise that its a big world with many people that have terrible struggles

hey the main thing is you are aware of it now :slight_smile: tc

I heard someone say that if all you do is - take a notebook + every night before you go to bed, write some things you are grateful for and every night read through the book, in 6 months your mood will have changed to a more - not positive…that word is used too much - elevated one. It was on a radio show, not about depression or mental illness.

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Thank you,I will do that everyday starting from today

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Resiliency is best focus. You need concrete steps to take to cope. This almost has to come from your own research online & self help books… Unfortunately, this is almost impossible to find in some therapy situations. I don’t know about training in Australian psychology schools but American schools are making a lot of mental therapy practioners who have half the education (MLSW) & really just work as interventionists while just listening to mental health consumers complain & keep telling them that is delusional. Some of the mental care therapy functions only to call in forced psych care warrant or get you signed up for government assistance…

It’s see what we can do…K? I’m getting my arse kicked by some local nuts from a huge church & former friend (abuser) who ruined a lot of people…I’ve been sexually harassed out of 3 jobs/schools so…It’s time we door mats make some headway on things…

I know where I’m coming from. I was raised by belligerent parents & had to return to living there recent to leave worse living arrangements…I got the usual crap in school too as my parents tortured this big girl with the ugly 3 outfits approach to forcing weight loss…I’m still fat 30 years later. I’ve been called everything. I SO liked the short time in my 20s I didn’t have to deal with my family or the schizo but this was the plan for me so I get to deal with it after meeting someone bragging about hurting her friends to give to their family sex abusers…

I will not wallow it it either! Repeat it & ignore all the ugly people you meet. Study something online, get some job skills and try to get some work if you are able…

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Would like to share 5 things I am thankful/grateful for today

1.even though I had this condition,but I had enough functioning to hold a job and make money myself

2.i still had my eyes,hands and legs,I still can do things(volantering,joining support group)I am grateful to have these even though this disease did affect me to some extend

3.i m physically healthy(no physical illness)

4.there is still people similar to me in this world where I can share my problems,like you guys on this forum and people I meet on the support group and hospital,they are more understanding and can relate to me

5.i had people who are really into helping my condition(eg:my doctors,case manager)

These are 5 stuff I am grateful and thankful for today


Those are good…

I forgot to tell you that is you’re keeping a book - to write one on each page.

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Maybe just identify with others who quit feeling sorry for themselves. I do that- it makes me end up hanging out with more aggressive people. Like people who lift weights, work hard, study hard, don’t make excuses. I know some people who dropped out of college because they did drugs and drank and cut class, then blame something, anything else. I avoid them. They like to talk about “the man” and “the system” and honestly that gets them nowhere. I see life with schizophrenia as do or die- get better and function normally or live a life that is not worth living. I’ve lived the life that was not worth living, it was exactly what it sounds like- I attempted suicide.

Now I don’t play games and mean business about everything I do. I give all or nothing. In the summers, you can find me laying on the couch or in the gym doing crazy ■■■■ or out socializing and appearing perfectly normal, in fact above average in normal people standards. Like today I cleaned up a mess of paperwork and clothes and old school crap and then layed on the couch for two hours playing with my phone, then went to the gym with a friend, talked to someone on the phone for two hours, then went out with some friends, now my friend is sleeping on an air mattress on the floor. Pretty normal day off, but it is due to strict medication adherence, caffeine and effort. I got faint while working out, every time I stood up from the leg press machine I felt like I was going to faint. Gotta grit your teeth. Socializing can be hard, gotta keep conversations going. You get my point.

Being a badass, knowing you are a badass and bending schizophrenia over is what I am all about. Some kid at the YMCA today was like “how much weight is that? You just did that ten times?” and I was like “Yeah, I’ve been doing this for years. that was five hundred pounds.”

You’ve just got to learn that no pain = no gain. I was awkward and hated socializing at first, now I need it, for example…

Yea man I got what your trying to say,I will stay positive,accept who I am,the condition I have and if possible embrace my weakness and strength like many of you here did

I am a person who believe medication can help,sometimes to me it can be a miracle pill…which I think it’s not a good thinking,yes medication help but what really matters is your attitude and character,personality…you cannot depend all on medication to help you function,we need to work and put effort to stay positive and always be good and kind to ourself,I will fight and stay positive and I would listen to my doctors and case managers advice,also stay filial to my parents

Thanks @mortimermouse your the nicest person in the world :smiley:

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