My psychiatrist can no longer recommend any further medicine

I was just given the news that my residual psychotic symptoms I am going to have to learn to live with

My psychiatrist got the duty worker to tell me there are many people on maximum doses that still have symptoms that will not, and cannot be treated

So now I just have to come to terms with the fact that the meds will not work for me as well as they have done

I don’t know if anyone else has experienced being on a number of meds over the years, to find that over time their efficiency wanes?

■■■■ out of options right now


This may sound crazy but want you to go out and be a research lab rat Test new medications to save others in your same situation

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I’m on the max dose of Invega and still have residual symptoms. I have to live with it and keep stress as low as possible to avoid flare ups.

Some things we just have to learn to accept.


I forgot to mention if you make a list of the things that are symptomatic that you don’t respond to very well you can Google and one by one and see what kind of supplements you might get to counteract some of it it’s all trial and error anyway

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I have always been anti-supplement

I was too until I found a deficiency and help cure it I know people that live on all kinds of those supplement pills and I don’t see any sense in it but like I said I found a need for it one time and it made a hell of a difference

Maybe I need to go back to my earlier plan of taking so much LSD it turns into a chemical lobotomy

Bad idea. You tend to want to explode everything when you’re not happy. The nuclear option is not always the way to go.


You can joke about it all lsd is no term a good solution I didn’t know you were feeling suicidal depressed yes

This makes me sad that a young man like you what’s good talents and skills tries to out-think himself in the misery and if we applied good skills he be a fantastic person I’m sorry

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I’m on a max dosage of zyprexa and also take vraylar and I still hear voices and can’t cope with stress.

Sorry @DrZen I have tried for so long, this time I feel the defeat in me

I’m only on 15mg Abilify and 60mg Cymbalta. I rated myself a 7 on a scale of 1 to 9 with 9 being extremely well controlled positive symptoms.

have you done the gene site test? it helped me with finding medications that work best for me. it is a swab of your saliva and they test your genetics to see which medication may be the most useful for you. maybe if you got it done you could try and switch to a different one so your body could take a break from the ones you’re on. maybe then you could alternate meds whenever your body gets to used to them

While I was on a combination that worked 90 percent, I was living with the symptoms.

I was on Clozapine. It was a dead end. I took gambles, switched medications, and now I am symptom free.

IT is definitely possible to be symptom free, but it is also possible that you don’t reach that point.

You have to ask yourself if you can function or not. If you can, you probably don’t need more medicine.

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Are these tests accurate?

No they are not. I asked my pdoc about them and they said it’s not scientific.

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I’ve tried almost every single AP out there and at the highest doses. Nothing completely helps.

Currently, I don’t have animals sending me messages, I’m no longer insanely religious, and I don’t get visits from Satan. But I’m still being followed and reported on.

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The only drug (apart from the 1st gen) I have not tried is Clozapine- but I refuse it due to side effects being similar to Olanzapine

Olanzapine may have more weight gain,. but Clozapine has other side effects which are even worse. Avoid it.

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