My psychiatrist asked me last week if I have any weird delusions

I answered, “Is there such a thing as normal delusions?”


Lol. Good answer!


Kids have normal delusions. They come from being small and unable. Kids often have to be guided away from trying things that are too difficult for them. Causes tears but, oh well, they’ll grow up to be able in time.


I think you’ve been doing this patient thing for a while now and have picked up their lingo. :slight_smile:

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One psychologist I saw a few years ago said my belief that my mother in law will try to poison me is normal.

Something didn’t seem right about it. Maybe I felt it was normal but I wanted her to say it was a delusion so that maybe my mother in law wasn’t trying to harm me.

I never went back to her again.

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I’ve never had a psychiatrist ask me about delusions. :man_shrugging:

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My one therapist said my beliefs about my family trying to drive me crazy and to kill myself wasn’t a delusion because it could stem from real events. Makes me wonder what kind of family they have.

Thankfully meds cleared up that nasty thought.

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Yeah, I wonder about those doctors sometimes too.

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