My psychiatrist apt is in 45 min

To which med should I change for negative symptoms? Taking Latuda now.

I tried Risperdal, Abilify, Olanzapine and Latuda, only Abilify worked for negative symptoms but had intolerable side effects.

Are rexulti or vraylar available there ?

Honestly, Latuda is as good as it gets for negative symptoms.
I don’t think switching meds will help you so much.

There’s always Abilify, Rexulti, Vraylar and Caplyta.
But the last two aren’t available in Canada

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Not Vraylar. Psy said Rexulti has same side effects as Abilify so we avoid it.

Is Geodon any good?

It doesn’t. But he’s the doctor so you have to go with what he says.

I never tried Geodon because it has the propensity to mess with you heart rhythm

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He said its similar to Abilify, same family. Brexpiprazole is Rexulti and Aripiprazole is Abilify. They have similar chemistry. They’re both partial dopamine antagonists according to wikipedia.

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I don’t do good on partial dopamine antagonists.

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I guess my only option is to retry Risperdal.
I only tried it for a short time in the past because I had eyelid tremors which I don’t mind if it helps negative symptoms.

I have a feeling the eyelid tremors will go away in time I used to get those I’m on invega which is basically risperdal

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Finally I was prescribed 3 mg risperdal.
I hope its better for negative symptoms.
In theory it should bcz I read on Wikipedia that it increases D-serine which increases stimulatory AMPA and NMDA recpetors like lumateperone.
Lumateperone isn’t available in Canada.


Best of luck with the new med… :pill:

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did abilify help with poverty of thought or does any med do that

Yea it did help, Abilify is the best for negative symptoms according to my psy but I had side effects. Now I am on Risperdal, negative symptoms are just starting to get better but not as good as Abilify.

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