My Poem - "I Wonder Why"

They infiltrate my head
I never cease to wonder why
Was it something that they said?
Is everything that seems to live a lie?

I wonder why I’m falling
I wonder why I cant tell the difference
Why can’t I tell the difference between heaven and hell
When nothing seems to make sense

Living can be hard
When everything is grey
Nothing is clear
Except the voices inside me

Wake me up from this sleep
Save me from the ocean
This hole is just too deep
Im sick of going through the motions


Hello California ,

e(Y)e Lyke To Think Of Myself as a Musician … ,

Would it Be Cool if e(Y)e Tried To Turn Thus Poem Into a Song (???)

Go for it! I’d love to hear it. :slight_smile:

Gimme Some T(Y)me Cause e(Y)e Can’t Work On It Rite Thus Moment ,

but e(Y)e Shall Start On It During Mon. OR Tue. … ,

So Gimme Some Patience and e(Y)e Shall Show You Whazzzup (!!!) ,

OR ,

Waz Down … ,

Cause DOWN IS THE NEW UP (!!!)


and As a Gyft For Your Copyrite Allowance ,

e(Y)e Would Lyke To Say Thank You With Thus …

omg this made my dayy :joy:

and As You Can See Yo Yo’s ,

Good / Bad / OR / Indifferent ,

Laughter and Tears Can Be Well ,

Good , Bad , and Indifferent … ,

Hmm ,

e(Y)e Mite Wait Til Wed. To Start On It :smile:

Ok, no rush. :slight_smile:

Don’t Worry About That , RUSH Sucks …

Dude ,

Dude ,

Dude ,

What’s Tha Point Of Posting These SonggG’s Yo (???)

whats the point of life mate? eye njoy em

You Mite Whanna Change Your Nayme Yo …

HOW BOUT THIS… this … this,\

hmm we’re born involuntarily… nochoice… it’s all meaningless too… soitgoes… go ■■■■ yourself snorlax

the shoe seems to fit the name wont change

Lez Goh OLD SKOOL … ,

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i do like you mr sleepops… and respect you… will say you’ve been edgy lately… folks are concern)only because we care) relax mate

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Hmm ,

e(Y)e’ll Try Tha Best e(Y)e Can … ,

Because (???)

hah man temporary abrasion to someone who is at odds with thing (YOU)

anyways mate I can tell the folks I like to go ■■■■ themselves

you’re picking fights man… let it go… we aren;t the ones making you feel the way you feel… someone else did that…