My pdoc told me today that

I told my pdoc (again) today that I believe my Risperdal Consta shots have worsened my piano playing ability ever since I started on them ten years ago. Today he told me that he would be open to taking me off the shots slowly. He said I was on a low dose of it anyway and that he would be open to trying to take me off of them since I am doing so well and have been doing so well for such a long time.

He said he wanted to wait on this until the winter was over though since so many people do poorly over the winter months. I told him that my son died in the Spring so that wouldn’t be a good time to try to go off of it. My pdoc said it would be best to wait until the Summer then.

This is the first time my pdoc has ever been open to my going off the Risperdal shots.


I have to be honest. I don’t see how your meds can effect your ability to play the piano but if you want to come off of it go for it. I wanted to taper off one of my meds today but the doc wants me to keep taking it. I have two doctors. I will probably ask the other one the same thing.

But in my case it’s to get rid of erectile dysfunction. And that is very real. If I wouldn’t have stopped the med cold turkey a few months ago I wouldn’t know what was causing it.

Good luck with it. I only take 2 APs Don’t you take like 4 of them?

@TomCat Meds make you less creative and musical. They affect my piano playing skills too


@TomCat, No I am taking three AP’s.
@ZmaGal, It’s good to hear you say that. I thought I was the only one.

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