I have an appointment with my pdoc on 5th of May. Possible med change?

I am of the opinion, which may be wrong or right, I don’t know, that the injectable medication Risperdal Consta is interfering with my ability to perform well on my digital piano. I have ordered professional recording equipment so that I can make an educated assessment of my playing ability. My smartphone recorder makes my playing sound choppy and distorted. But, that’s just what they do, I was told. I don’t trust what people tell me about my playing ability. I get mixed messages from people in that regard.
I have made an appointment with my pdoc to discuss treatment options other than Risperdal Consta. This appointment is in approximately sixteen days. Risperdal Consta is a very good medication for my psychotic and mood symptoms. My pdoc and I hesitate to change it, but, if it is interfering with my playing ability, I may have no choice. The last time he and I talked about it, we decided to leave things as is.

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My meds for 12 years have had the price of sedation and overproduction of stomach acid
That about the worst
Sorry I hope you have a good outcome
I’m switching at the moment too

Have you tried Geodon and/or Seroquel? Those med’s have kept me from becoming psychotic with few side effects for over a decade.

Yes, I am on both Geodon 240 mg a day and Seroquel 200 mg a day as well as Risperdal Consta 37.5 mg every two weeks right now, @crimby.

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