My pdoc asked me about this forum

She asked me what was the name of the forum I use at home, why I like to be here, what we talk about…

She believes I can live like a normie, she doesn’t like my division between normies and non-normies.
She said I’m weird, the other patients don’t want to accept the world of mental disorders while I don’t want to accept the world of normies. :confused:


I told my pdoc about this forum and mentioned NAMI, and she was surprised that I was just getting involved in this stuff. She felt bad for not introducing me to it sooner. I think your pdoc is the weird one.


I keep using this forums a total secret from mental health professionals.

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My pdoc is supportive about me coming to this site ( I didn’t give her the details)

My therapist doesn’t want me to obsess so much, so she is not as supportive.


Long ago I mentioned this site to explain my poem I quite liked, but couldn’t recall exactly what I posted.
We tried to look it up on her computer in her office, but had to login to continue.
She asked me if I wanted to login, but I didn’t feel like getting up from my comfy chair and told her my login name, then password.
She looked at me hesitantly, and said you sure it’s okay with you?
Told her if I can’t trust her to not hurt me then I have no business wasting her time coming in every month.
Trust is the foundation to all relationships, without it, everything built on top of it fails.

My therapist worries this place might not be good for me sometimes. But it does help with the crushing solitude so she understands why I come here.


There is nothing weird about it.

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My support worker actively encourages me to use this site. Im completely open about it. He says any support i can get “out of hours” when there not working is a good thing! And i agree!

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My doc wasn’t really a fan but he deals with a lot of sick folk. He doesn’t have an attitude either way. It’s not part of our politic and we talk more pressing concerns when we meet.

Really. It’s what you get out of it! If your struggling and doing poorly say goodbye.

if your getting good support and can deal with those strange people on the internet then keep going!

I don’t think it’s that major either way! Just do what keeps you happy!

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