My partner is lucky

I dont know what to think. My partner got bit by her cousin’s dog. The dog bit through the case, screen almost into the battery of her new phone a Samsung Galaxy note 3. It wasn’t brand new but no one is taking responsibility for it either. The cousin is 17 and pregnant. She is in the role right now of poor me. Her dad isn’t going to do anything about it

That’s so scary. Did she get hurt at all?

No the phone saved her. I’m thankful for that but it never should have happened in the first place

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I never could understand “Dogs are man’s best friend”.

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Dogs that bite like that shouldn’t be around people. Especially not babies.


He’s like that with most people. Attacks the cat too. I just don’t know. Kay said she feels bad the phone was damaged because she got it for her birthday a week ago from her parents. It’s an older phone so no insurance. I told her the phone can be replaced she can’t be

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She should report it to the police.

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Homeowner’s or renters insurance? You’d probably need receipts of dr’s, police, vet or phone.

I keep thinking about this and I really think you should consider reporting it. That girl is pregnant and that dog is going to be around a tiny baby soon. That is incredibly dangerous and potentially life threatening. Don’t risk it.

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The girls dad doesn’t think it’s a big deal he just says well it’s her dog. I’ll talk to my partner about reporting it. I only found out after it happened. She is very worried about the cousin’s baby after its born.

I think that the dog should be reported to the police as an attack dog. Immediately.

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151715 cgaeters…

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