My partner is awesome

as some of you know i got a crested gecko last friday named him edward. anyway i was concerned because his poop was runny for several days. Sorry folks but when you have reptiles and amphibians you keep track of poop. so my partner got paid today and we took ed to the vet and found out he had pinworms and the vet sold us meds. my partner paid 150 bucks out of her check to get my gecko healthy. i love her! just thought i should share.since most of my post are kind of negative


That’s cool. Can you do something special for her, like a candle light dinner?

it’s gonna have to be a candle light breakfast or lunch since she works nights at a nursing home as a QMA. i had something like that in mind for valentines day, from her favorite place to eat since i can’t cook believe it or not her favorite place to eat is white castle. so i was gonna ask my mother in law before my partner wakes up to take me to get the food then come back before kay gets up and set up a nice lunch.

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aww…that’s awesome @cbbrown so glad he will be better…and I am glad you got a pet you needed that…


This is awesome @cbbrown!
Really Happy for you. :slight_smile:

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That’s cool. Sounds like a special lady. Hope Edward is on the mend and feeling better soon. And I think the White Castle thing sounds like a great idea. Hope you two have a great time.

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Edward pooped today and it wasn’t runny. If you don’t know by now reptile and amphibian keepers love to celebrate each good poop. he also ate some bee moth larva today. just thought i should give an update on little edward.

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