Still getting paid and animals are awesome!

I got paid early yesterday morning for taking care of the animals. Bought a really good pair of flip flops and a bag of eco earth for my frog.

Jasper and company are doing good. I’ve had help from my partner’s little sister taking care of them all. She rearranged Jasper’s tank and sprayed it down for me. Then we cleaned her rabbits hutches.

Jasper and the bearded dragons have a vet check up to make sure they are still healthy on the 5th of June. The cats don’t have theirs until August. Different vet cheaper one too


i’m watching my mums dog but i wont get paid, i am happy to help out, she’s getting me a car so i cant grumble lol


I only get paid 25 dollars a week for caring for my in-laws animals. And it’s alot of work! But considering at one time I was caring for 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 bearded dragons, 2 rabbits, 2 parakeets and 1 frog. One of bearded dragons is ours so is one of the parakeets and my frog


yeah thats a lot, i can barely deal with a dog, 8 fish and some lettuce lol


Well we have fish too. 2 of the dogs aren’t here anymore, one of the parakeets died. He had a cyst that ruptured.

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That sounds fan, I am happy to hear that you are having a great time with pay.


@cbbrown glad you have wages paid to you for your effort…I know you work your ass off.


You seem to have a knack for animals ever think about become a full-time veterinarian ?

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@jukebox yeah my in laws didn’t think so at first until they realized i was outside during the winter picking up dog poop everyday.

i have wanted to be a vet since i was a kid but before i got sick when i was in high school my guidance counselor told me i was too stupid.

my therapist told me she was told that too when she was in high school and for the longest time believed it she didn’t go back to school until she was in her forties. she believes some day i can do it but thinks i need to heal and recover more before i try such a monumental task

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Number one your not dumb / stupid.
Number two never give up before you try it out :slight_smile:

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Number three you are very kind as well
Number Four You are very intellegent " Smart "

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thanks, i only seem to know about animals and some other things. my in laws like to ask me questions about animals. honestly the fish i am still researching so i don’t know much about them besides what i have learned in the past few weeks.

the latest question was about cabbage for the bearded dragons and rabbits. i told them cabbage is one of those foods that bearded dragons shouldn’t really have an if they do its not very often. but last i check rabbits can have cabbage.

i rotate the greens for the animals and try to give the rabbits more romaine since its so hot out. bearded dragons get more of the turnip greens since they are healthier for them. my mother in law insists the rabbits need a lot of greens and veggies but they aren’t really suppose to eat too many veggies because it makes them poop and pee more and i am the one who has to clean the hutches.

i am still thinking of fixing the tank up for my pacman frog and make a bioactive vivarium. Bio active means basically you create a mini eco system inside the tank.

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You seem passionate and proud of your work with the animals so good stuff.

Could you start off by studying to be a vet nurse?
You can do a part time course .

Even if it’s only a couple hours a week.

When I studied aged care it took me two years to finish the course while others were doing it in a few months full time.

I got a note from psychiatrist that I should not study more than I can.

A step by step approach might help like they have a few online courses even or you could start as a vet assistant or so.

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You got your own little nature center going there huh??

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my therapist suggested that too. she said its a waste for me to not use my passion and knowledge of animals. i shouldn’t have turned down the pet store job offer. it was mostly cleaning cages and answering questions. the owner is physically incapable of doing it himself and his business partner and his other two employees were overwhelmed but that was a few months ago. they aren’t hiring anymore


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