I feel proud

I feel proud my little crested gecko Edward is growing and about to shed. I can’t wait to see if his pattern changes. I know no one cares but my little guy is growing still after getting checked again for parasites and infections that killed his brother azuma. kaisei was checked too, neither tested positive for parasites or infections. i’m hoping we have no more reason to see the vet again before their next check up in august.


what are your crested gecko’s like are they nice? I had a baby leopard gecko a while ago that I ordered online without permission and my mom went crazy because I used so much money and she doesn’t like lizards so I set it free which was a horrible idea and now I wish I never did that he was so cool

he is a bit shy, because he is nocturnal I don’t feed or handle him until its night time. he is a bit of sweet heart. he likes to sleep behind my neck in my hair at least he did before I cut my hair. he eats fresh fruit and meal replacement powder that designed specifically for crested geckos. he has developed into a bit of a picky eater. he likes his fruit better than the powder and he only likes his banana/ squash mixture that I made after getting the idea off a baby food container.

kaisei my bearded dragon is a big grump, he eats his greens but it has to be his favorite kind or he wont touch them. he likes mustard greens romaine lettuce and bok choy with diced up cilantro. he will sleep on you or poop on you depending on how he is feeling that day.


I worry about my rats developing health problems. I think it’s such a scary thing when it happens. My roommate lost her gecko to parasites as well and she was really devastated by it as she had it for 5 years. I hope your geckos live long happy lives.


my partner has been putting off putting in the air conditioning because her dad said as soon as we do we have to pay 100 dollars more in rent and ed can’t handle the heat and died. i’m cursed i’m not meant to have geckos at least not cresties. he was doing so good and I checked on him tonight and he wasn’t moving.

That’s very cool, @cbbrown! I’ve heard reptiles are difficult to raise, so good for you! I hope your little one continues to be really healthy and happy.
Oh, @cbbrown, I hadn’t read your last post. I’m so so sorry. I’m sure it’s not your fault. You love your little ones. :two_hearts:

that is sad ed was just doing so good how could that happen so quickly

crested geckos are a bit sensitive to the heat and I told my in laws this and they just didn’t listen. my partner said someday I can get a leopard gecko or something but not for a long time.