My parents say I am crazy

Bcz told them that I believe in both science and religion. I said there is only heaven and that everyone’s going to heaven and be equal. Its the only reason why we suffer like the mentally ill, disabled, the poor and homeless.

Am I crazy?

@anon28145038 We are truly a different breed of humans.

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What if only this reality and hell exist? I’m a pessimistic person…

What if every one is constantly going to heaven and hell constantly for every life, timeline, and parallel universe?

I think of these things constantly.


I know I am grandiose but don’t know what’s wrong with it.

I bielieve that ppl who suffer too much are angels.

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My parents say I am suicidal bcz of my thinking but what proves them right and that there is no afterlife like they say?

guys, you know religion isn’t allowed.