My parents hate my in laws and yet my partner hates my parents

I got lectured by my mom about my ankle. she wants me to stay off it and go back to the doctor. she is furious with my in laws telling me to walk on it and keep the apartment clean. kay thinks her mom is right because her mom has experience with this kind of thing with her brother getting steel rods, screws and plates put in after a terrible car accident. kay hates my parents because they smoke and my dad drinks. we didn’t always have food at my parents house.

I am sorry your going through that but your in laws piss me off they are jerks. You should stay off your ankle get it some rest so it heals properly

Let your ankle rest until you feel you can walk on it with no pain. You don’t want it getting worse.

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Smoking and drinking are not exactly qualities that a person should be hated on.

Forcing a person who’s ankle is broke to do chores is just evil. If kay doesn’t see that but you do, you should set your boundaries.

Aren’t you paying for them to be there? That’s inexcusable! They can’t treat you like that, and if they do it’s up to you to put your priorities straight.

Your mom is absolutely right, and your partner should support you more.

I decided to see if my partner’s work will let me borrow a wheelchair until Medicaid approves me one to stay off my ankle especially after I get the second cast put on.

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