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Don’t want to feed into someone’s delusions or trigger anyone. I know some people on here get along fine with neighbors. And I know some don’t. I don’t. Has anyone won if they have conflicts with neighbors? Just wondering.

Huh? I don’t understand, but I may have low blood sugar right now with brain farts.

What don’t you understand?

Why would anyone flag this post? you didn’t really say much.

I had a house in my 20’s where I had some really crappy neighbors. It ended up in punches and police being called. Your best bet is polite disagreements or trying to ignore them altogether. Getting in all out wars doesn’t usually go well for anybody.

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What Bowens said. Why would anyone flag this post.

I didn’t want to give anyone ideas about confronting their neighbors.

I rarely talk to my neighbors but I’m not living in an apartment complex. I have done that in the past and never spoke to anyone except to be civil. I just liked to keep to myself…I’m sorry you have to deal with annoying people. There’s no easy way out of that!


No, I haven’t really had any conflicts. We have neighbors with a pair of kids living in a one bedroom so there’s lots of noise and even crying late at night. The older of the two kids likes to sprint across the apartment, we can hear him dash several times a day. I suppose I just tune it out.

Happy cake day @rogueone!

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theres a gangster dude a couple houses down from me. We don’t talk to him, everyone avoids him. Hes clearly a dangerous dude.
Although he smiled and waved at me once when he saw me feed the local crows :smiley:


I live on a street with two family homes. I’m lucky because most people on my street rent so If they’re trouble makers they will probably be moving soon anyway. I only know a few families that own their homes like myself.

i don’t have much problems with my neighbors but i’m pretty much to myself. I don’t go out a lot and i try to avoid contact with most people.

Same here. I live on the 10th floor of an apartment building. It’s pretty quiet on my floor. It’s a single’s apartment building with just studio and a few one-bedroom apartments. No kids.

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