My Newest Song

Really proud of this one… tell me what you think


I only have The Orb to compare it to, and it does sound a little like them. What kind of equipment did you use to create it?

I use a computer with the software FL Studio 12. I have electronic drum samples (little drum and percussion sound clips) Studio monitors which are basically just really nice speakers are ideal (as well as a midi keyboard) But for now i just use some apple headphones and this consumer speaker that i have. Also i need a second software that you can use along with fl studio that you can design your own synth sounds with but it costs alot and i cant afford it right now. Thats the equipment i SHOULD be using.

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Yes, voice programmability is important, but I like what I heard. I suppose that kind of gear is spendy. When I used to record, I just played real guitar and bass to a drum machine.

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