Any recording artists here ? daw preferred?

What software and hardware do you like ? I’m just making conversation… :smiley:

Fruitloops ( OR ) Fruityloops ( OR ) Whatever it is Called these Daise … … … ,

Well actually they blocked me from being able to use it … ,

Nevermynde dude I could go on for hours with thus subject. It is completely disgustingly retarded.

Lol. I used to use fruity loops. I learned pro tools at school and use logic now. I like Eddie Kramer waves plugins … I wish uad was cheaper tho


But What ABout Thus (!!!) … ,

Let’s Do a Simplistic Competition For tha Forumers Here … ,

Ok , @huckfinn ( OR ) @sleepoptimistic

Who’s Album Would You Buy (???) … … … ,

Myne ( OR ) His (???) … … … ,

No Biggie Yo Yo’s ,

Jus a FUN (!) SIMPLISTIC (!) QUEST (!) SHUN (!)

FL Studio 11 is what I have a license for. Not sure anything I’ve produced is worth listening to.


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Whoa (!!!) ,

Watch Out @pixel Is on Tha Loose (!!!)

Lez ADD @Pixel to tha Mix Shall We (!!!) … … … ,

(by) (tha ) (way) My Brother Is tha Kind of Guy Who Lykes to Look at Knives as if they are Sexual Beings … ,

Kinda Weird … ,

N e Hoo ,

I’ll Write a songgG About it L8tur (!!!)

My music is currently free

Myne Used to Be.

Kill Me Again , Jus Kill Me , Without ( OR ) With , All My Sincerity , I Would Love Regardless , Is All e(Y)e Really Mean .

You feeling ok man ? I’m not sure what you’re getting at

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Thine Answer to Such a Thot Provoking Question is , and , Shall Be … … … ,


e(Y)e Feel A - OK … … … ,

Why Would You Ask Such a Path Pushing and Pulling Projectional Question (???) … … … ,

Hmm (???) .

I started off with a hacked free version of fruity loops 10 years ago by now I use Logic Pro 9. Oh yeah my album is on Soundclick if you want to PayPal it. But I doubt anyone can invest the time to listen to all 500 instrumentals I made during that time span.

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What Does One Have ta Do Ta Paypal Something Yo Yo (???)

Yeah man , its been a peaceful day, jus chillin, I miss my friends, let’s jus relax and sit by tha pool for awhile, even though its winter, haha , weird I know man, but whatever, there might be a goldfish or two in there, weird man, weird.

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I use Reason. Not so much for recording though, I make electronic music using the softsynths. Tried Ableton once, but couldn’t be bothered with figuring everything out anew so I stuck to the more limited Reason, which I know by heart.

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