Im starting to make music

First thing first
1 I need a new laptop
2 I need to choose a program
3 I need to write more
4 I need to figure out my style at the mic and the beat sound
5 I need to read more about producing, recording, mixing etc

These steps might take a year after that it’s the road to perfection. Wish me luck Guys


Good luck man! Making music is one of the best decisions I made as far as coping with my condition

If you decide to go with FL Studio for your program, this tutorial series helped me a lot:

Thank you for the response.

Isn’t fl studio 12 the latest version or theyre is one for beginners

I think making music sounds pretty cool. Good luck, man!

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20 is the latest I think. I dont think theres a beginners version but there is a free trial for it

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What do you use for recording and autotuning?

I use audacity (its free) to record guitar stuff but I never used autotune. I googled free autotune plugin fl studio and it says theres one called pitcher that actually comes with the software

Thanks man… Audacity is what I’ve found to


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