My new pdoc put me on ativan

Plus she increased my Atenolol to 3x day…

I’ve taken benzos before, but it’s been a while. I’ve not had a problem with addiction or having to increase the dose.

It’s a low dose, once a day. Any suggestions?


An old pdoc i had was giving me 3 Ativans a day.

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I used to take lorazepam 3x day… is that ativan?

I think so
Here it’s called tavor

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Did you become addicted?

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I don’t know.
I had a catatonic episode
when i stopped the morning dose.

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Omg! I wish you the best

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What is atenolol for? I never been offered a benzo, i heard good about ativan.

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I am on 1mg Xanax 4x a day for anxiety and panic attacks. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted but dependent. It definitely helps me daily through my anxiety. Been on this dose for over 10 years. My new pDoc of last year was debating to ween me off but decided to keep me on due to extreme anxiety change in location lost my job and Covid. I’m not worried about addiction. I feel if one day she wants to ween me off I’ll agree to it.

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I have been on diazepam for years

Not a nice drug to come off if you take it for a while

It does nothing for me anymore.

I cannot reduce below 10mg a day as I have a really bad reaction. I was on 30mg a day so 10mg is better

My body is really sensitive to med changes for some reason

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@JustTrish Are you having increased stress/anxiety? Why the Ativan?

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Atenolol is for the fight or flight of PTSD.

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Thanks for the reply…and for the candor


Gotcha. I guess I just want to go on a Benzo with my eyes wide open.


I’ve just come off depakote, a mood stabilizer because it may be the cause of my acute pancreatitis. I’m stressed, yes.

I take 1mg of Klonopin a day. :cow2::cow2::cow2:

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I don’t think that I’ve ever taken Klonipin. Hopefully, it works for you.

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Yeah. It’s not bad. Thanks. :monkey_face::monkey_face::monkey_face:

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I’d say this with any med.

Don’t forget a pdoc will always prescribe medications because that’s what they have been trained in giving people.

I know it’s hard sometimes, but I do think if you can find a way to cope without the benzos - or other meds, then the less the better

At the moment I am on a ruthless and aggressive reduction campaign

My old pdoc had me on:

  • 800mg amisulpride
  • 30mg Diazepam

The new one in one year has added:

  • 300mg Pregabalin (I was told this would replace diazepam, but a year on, ya know!)
  • up to 25mg Procycldine
  • 5mg Aripiprazole
  • 100mg Sertraline
  • 50mg Levomepromazine
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Y’all are on some weird meds. Strong folks. I take perphenazine escitalipram benztropine famitodine metoprolol. I took ativan once. Didn’t know where I was awoke next day. Whew ativan…


Yes, my new pdoc told me it will probably help quite a bit. And, yes, I think that you should know what to expect, FIRST, before going on any new med.

I applaud your efforts to decrease meds. You’re brave!

Thanks SO MUCH!