If i were to write a book would you buy it?

Now you guys have known me for some time. i wasnt posting much but it should be enough to give to you an impression of my style of conduct. so, my question is: if i were to write a book, would you be interested? im thinking about sharing my vast knoweldge about religions of the worlds and giving them my own spin and reinterpretation. so what do you guys think? should i do it? i know i make mistakes almost every other sentence and im probably really difficult to understand or boring to read but i hope to atleast give some people a different outlook on christianity. making books costs some money, not much but i dont want to waste it for nothing… so, is it a good idea?

hey id appreciate any response even if you were to tell me that you dont care.

Go for it. You have nothing to lose and it keeps you occupied.

Would you include anything relating to schiz?

probably not mostly alot of controversial stuff, you never heard or imagined before, about jesus and the god of the bible.

I’ve always been interested in that kind of stuff and different religions

well thats great then. i brainstormed yesterday, like a chicken laying eggs it took me some time to squeeze the thing out but in the end i think i got a pretty well shaped book. i even have a story about the god of the bible being a dominant fertility god who probably has genitals the same as a donkey and the most fun about this claim is that i actually have ancient sources to support it. man if a christian reads this stuff he will dazzled.

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thank you for the encouragement minnii

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