My Neck Hurts

I supposed that changing glasses had caused my neck to hurt. I think maybe I’m holding my head in an unusual way to see out of the new glasses. Therefore, I went to my optometrist. He said he didn’t think the glasses were causing the discomfort.

I called my family Doctor. They explained that he’s just back from vacation and has no openings until May 5. I made that appointment.

There’s no help for me.


PS I found a pillow in my closet that is designed especially for neck health. It looked really dirty. But it had a cover that zippered off, and then when washed, it was like new!

Also, I could go to a chiropracter and get right in.


It will all work out friend.

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neck pain can also be a side effect of some medications used to cut down on IMM (Involuntary Muscle Movement)

I used to be on Inderol for IMM, and it make my neck so stiff and sore, to this day when i turn my neck it pops like bubble wrap being twisted…

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What I’m on for Involuntary Movement is healthy fats. I’ve been on them for years.


Sorry you are going through this. Hope your doctor can identify what has caused your neck pain. Take care.

I recommend going to an Osteopath. Going to a GP for psychiatric issues instead of a Psychiatrist is an analogy I’d use to compare a Chiro with an Osteo for matters concerning the musculo-skeletal and connective tissue systems. (Sorry Chiro’s, but I am an opinionated prick!) Osteos will look over the big picture and find causal factors with a much higher probability of success.

My Family Doctor is a DO. But I cannot see him for greater than two weeks


Good luck Jayster!

Have you tried any over the counter painkillers? Maybe ibuprofen gel?