My motivation to work dropped to zero

As some of you might remember, I was applying for a part-time job as a guide at an art museum. So I asked the work traing center I used to go to for help with my resume. But later, I found out that the part-time job didn’t have shorter hours so I gave up. But I would have been stopped by the center anyway. They say that I need to be more patient, stable and healthier before I try to work. Though my mom and my social worker said I could do work.

Anyway, I decided to stay at home again. My motivation to work dropped to zero. I don’t want to work any more.

I’m not even allowed to try and fail. They say they don’t want me to lose confidence if I fail. What do you think? Maybe I shouldn’t ask them for help?

If you don’t feel capable of work than you shouldn’t. No need to feel guilty about it. You tried it and didn’t succeed, it’s alright.

A big hug to you!

You don’t seem totally opposed to work. That’s a personal decision. You are the best person to decide if you are capable of that. I opted out of work. One thing, though. You won’t get all that much money if you go on disability. I can be happy on what I get, but you might consider if you want more in life that a disability check.

You tried it… that’s a big step…

This time it didn’t work out… that’s Ok too.

Sometimes disappointment will erase my motivation too. When I get down on myself about it… my motivation stays away.

Let yourself rest… be kind to yourself and maybe try something different… something that does fit your needs.

Good luck

I lost my motivation to work years ago, when the state board snagged my nursing license. After that, I was too depressed and suicidal to keep going at my low pay, low hours telemarketing job. So, I went on disability. And stayed on it. I never found the confidence or the motivation to study any other subject in order to enter another field for fear that that rug would be pulled out from under me also.