My mother's birthday is in April (Present Ideas)

So I’d like to give her a present for her bday.
She’s going to be 65 in April.
Last year, I gave her a ticket to the Tokyo Skytree(we live in Japan)
Then on Mother’s day in May last year I gave her a stole with a message card.
She loved it very much.

But this year, idk what to give her.

Clothes… hmm you need to try them on to see if they fit you.
Accessories… she doesn’t wear much accessories.
Bags… she can make her own bags.
Sweets… she can make her own sweets.

Her bday is on April 16th, and we are going to go to an art exhibition on 11th.
The tickets are free. So maybe I could pay her the lunch or some goods at the galary?

Guys, any other ideas???


I think that is a lovely idea! stick with that one !

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I’m always happy getting perfume for a gift. You can make her a personalized present if you have the patience like a drawing, it’s free and from the heart. Or buy her a painting that reminds you of her… If she is 65 a gift card to a pharmacy will be useful. I know, maybe a Bonzai tree, there are really cute ones with tiny sculptures all around but she has to take care of it afterwards!!

Good luck and Happy Birthday to your mom in advance! :heart_eyes_cat:

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I have some ideas to share.

If handcrafted items appeal to your mother from around the world, 10,000 villages offers affordable vases, etc.

For something away frome home, go virtual. Virtual museum and virtual Art Centres are a possibility. Sometimes a call to a friendly representative will lead you to a special, one-of-a-kind show.

Some folks like to know about their pre-history ancestry. There are specific genetic tests that can be ordered and taken.

I like to add my name and others to space flight missions when I can. Link at the top.

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I forgot one of my favorites. Stained Glass items. Almost any picture has been created in stained glass. Plus other Art is formed using stained glass.

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My mum loves receiving her yearly photo calendar of my niece!

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Thanks everyone…!! :smiley:

@CloudDog Yes, this idea was the first one that popped into my head… maybe I should stick to it…
@ekoms Drawing would be nice… I like to draw…
@nykia Virtual museum or virtual art centres would be really interesting. Stained glass items are also nice…
@77nick77 Flowers are classic.
@tommiez I think my sister can do that…

So… I’m still thinking…
Maybe a drawing of her with a smaill bunch of flowers…
Or I will let her choose something at shops in Tokyo on 11th.

Again, thanks everyone!!
I will let you know how it went!!

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