My mother with schizophrenia

She was mostly just depressed her whole life because she was obsessed with meeting her true love and never did and couldn’t handle mostly raising kids alone. She worked as a telephone operator and said someone was tampering with her tea at work.


Neat pic. Is that baby in the photo you?

No. That’s my brother when she was pregnant for me.

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Yeah, I was thinking that it looked like he was dressed like a boy after I asked you.

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She actually didn’t have schizophrenia then, not till her thirties.

Your mom was pretty When she was a young woman.

Are you and your siblings mentally healthy? Do you inherit your mom’s Sz?

Forgive me if the questions offend you.

Sorry to hear that your Mother was ill. It must have been hard for you and your brother.

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Raising kids alone and having sz sounds so unbelievably difficult.


No, that’s not offensive. I might have inherited it and my younger half brother. I say; might because I think it’s more environmental. I don’t really know for sure my younger brother’s situation. I don’t know if he’s joking with people or what and he’s very secretive. My half sister had major depression.

Yes, it could be. My mom was very precious but could also be really irritable. I miss those days, mostly.

Yes, she had a hard time. I don’t think she got much support from my dad. And my younger half sister was illegitimate and she didn’t get much support from her dad. Her second marriage didn’t last long and she had another boy, but my stepfather was the one who helped her the most, pretty much until he died.

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Yeah, that’s a hard life

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