My mother told me

My mother told me years ago to never be afraid to do something nice for someone. Even if you are afraid of their reaction. Or you think it’s lame, or you don’t know them that well.


Your mother has some insight and wisdom about humanity. I envy you and your mother are in good terms so that you two can have good conversation. My mother and me don’t get along because we have different social values so the channel of communication between her and me has been blocked since I was a teenager.

My thesis advisor taught me that ‘without courage all other values are meaningless’. I have regular telephone conversations with my mother and I go to see my father at the elderly care facility weekly. However, sometimes some nice things can be misunderstood by other people. When I lived in my auto in America I tried to do nice things such as offering food for some people who lived in the streets. In one case a person declined to have food and wanted beer which I did not have, I did not see him some time after my offering. Many Christian people did nice things in the streets of America.

I like that one. I’m trying to be more patient with sunny sayings like that. It’s a nice one and I like that one. I’ll give it a try.