My mom always told me, "If you don't have anything nice to say about someone, then don't say anything at all"

I wish more people believed in this too.


I never liked that saying.

Sorry… i ruined the thread


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It goes along with the golden rule. I try to live myself as close to these principles as close as possible. In person and even on the internet.

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well i’m Christian and i sometimes find that this rule does not apply to me bc i get a lot of discrimination

I’m sorry @asgoodasitgets that you face a lot of discrimination. I do also. A woman who lived in my apartment complex said: “He belongs in a mental institution!” (referring to me).

One person left a nasty note on my door.

Pretty much 80% of the people in the complex hate me.

my friend got a lot of trouble from her neighbours, neighbours are supposed to be nice but thats hardly ever the case, i think you are lucky if you get one good neighbour, both of my neighbours stopped me from making money bc they didnt like people coming in and out of the close all the time which was pretty unfair as i should be allowed to have whoever i want coming to my house if i want and they almost got me thrown out, my friends neighbour wrote a very nasty letter to her and i confronted him about it and nearly started fighting with him over it,

i wish neighbours were nicer, they are supposed to be anyway.