My mother psychosis

Hi, so me and my mother discussed because everytime she hears some noise from upstairs she thinks the neighbours are stealing her internet or her electricity and that they ruined my laptop wihtout even touching it, she has some delusions. I can understand her, I had mine in the past but what ruins our relationship is that she doesn’t admit that they’re delusion she really believes in them. So yesterday we had a fight because of my ex psychiatrist. Well she once told me that my mother besides depression might have schizophrenia and I told her that. She got really mad at me for telling the psychiatrist things about her and about the diagnose of schizophrenia. She also told me: I worked for 40 years so I have no schizophrenia, you never worked before, which left me feeling down.
Also yesterday I had some self harm ideas and suicide ideas and she told me she was tired of hearing me telling her about that stuff, that she didn’t wanted to hear that anymore. I really feel unwanted, I’m thinking on starting to work and moving.

Can you work and move? I mean usually we szs find ourselves crippled to some degree or another so that there is not a lot of choice for us. Is it just you and your mother where you are or are there other family members living with you?

there is my grandmother who is bedridden. I’ll try to work and move, I if I can not I’ll stay with her…

What kind of work can you get?

I want to work as a vet assistant since I studied to become one but I dont mind other jobs.

It sounds similar to the situation I was in. I started working and now I have my own place and a better relationship

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