Mom's schizophrenia

So, my mom has schizophrenia, like many of us here. The problem is that she is severely ill and she won’t take medication properly and she’s been in a psychotic break for about 5 years now. It’s getting worse and worse.

Her so-called doctor won’t do a damn thing to help my mom. She lets my mom still drive a vehicle even though my mom gets into a car accident at least once a month. Thankfully, most crashes are minor. My mom can barely hold a conversation. She hears voices constantly but doesn’t believe they are hallucinations - she thinks they are real people and also God. She believes she is gifted by God and that He talks to her.

My parents divorced because my mother has severe delusions that my father is evil and is going to hell (she claims God told her this). She told him every day how evil he is and it drove them apart. Sadly, my dad never took her to the hospital to get help.

She has pushed all of her friends and family away because she believes they are evil. The only people left are me and my siblings, who she doesn’t think are evil. Just recently, she pushed away her last friend.

She is lost in hey head, in a dark reality. She can’t communicate properly, take care of herself, or take care of others. I am so sad, to say the very least. I love my mother so much, but she doesn’t believe in the slightest that she is ill. She’s been diagnosed as schizophrenic multiple times but she refuses to listen.

I just needed to get this out somewhere. We all struggle with psychosis here. I just wish my mother could understand her illness like we do.

Thanks for reading.


Hugs coffee buddy, I’m sure That’s not easy on you. Anything we can do to help?

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Can you get her hospitalised involuntarily?


I’m so sorry to hear that it must be hard to see your own mother be like in this state for such a long time. At the end of the day we can’t control others so idk what could be done really wen she is so adamant that it is real. I wonder if a change of pdoc may help at least a little. But that she is still driving in this state is quite worrying too. I don’t think she should be! I wish I knew what to say that could help

That must be hard to witness, to see someone you love be so lost in her own mind. Knowing meds might get her out of this darkness. I hope you can indeed get her hospitalized, but you might have tried that already. Im sorry. Hugs for you.

If you’re in the US you can petition her to the hospital for a minimum of 72 hours.

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I agree with what some others are saying,

Maybe you can get her hospitalized involuntarily.

You said she gets in accidents all the time, so she is a danger to herself and others,

That’s enough to land you in the hospital.

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Sorry your mom does not have any insight, I lived that way for many years, no on to tell me I was ill, I lost everything and everyone, Not sure what the answer is for your mom if she won’t seek help (((hugs)))

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@Blossom, Your mom reminds me of myself. I thought God talked to me for fourteen years until I finally gained a bit of insight. I kind of still do believe that God treats me special.

I also got into car accidents very, very frequently for over 40 years without raising any eyebrows. I voluntarily took myself off the road 5 years ago after getting into 5 accidents in one year, two traffic citations that same year, plus an overnight incarceration for a traffic violation.

I’m sza.

Thank you for the replies, everyone. I really appreciate the advice and feedback.

I have thought about getting her involuntarily hospitalized, but if it is unsuccessful, she’d no longer trust me. Maybe even think I’m evil, too.

She has already approached me before about making sure I’m “a good person” and that I’m making the right choices in my life. To me, that sounds like she is already being told by the voices or delusions that I’m possibly evil or becoming evil. I just feel like I’m walking on thin ice.

Last time I saw her, we got in an argument. She asked me if I still hear and see things. I responded that yes, I’m schizoaffective, as she knows… She went on to say that no, I’m gifted by God, like her. I told her that no, she has schizophrenia and that she is not truly hearing God. She got very upset and said I don’t appreciate her gifts, just like my dad didn’t. I’m afraid that means she’s going to start pushing me away if I argue with her anymore.

I want to hospitalize her so that she can get proper medication and help for these severe delusions and hallucinations, but I’m afraid of losing her. @anon54386108, @ZmaGal, @everhopeful


Can you ask someone else to take her to hospital involuntary such as your father or one of her friends she had?

That way you are not the one that “did it” but someone who she already sees as :imp: evil.

I was involuntarily hospitalised all three times and I did get better.
There is help there.

It sounds like a difficult situation for you.

Love and good wishes to you and your mum.:two_hearts:

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i think involuntary hospitalization is the best thing and the only option for her , i know it is difficult but that’s doing benefits for her

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Wow I can’t imagine dealing with that. It’s so hard just maintaining and taking care of myself let alone having to worry about my own mother. You’re very strong and I wish you the best in getting her some help.

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I’m sorry you’re going through that @Blossom I hope your mom can get the care she needs.

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Can you contact social services and ask them what to do.I think she wouldn’t properly recover even if she was hospitalized.Her delusions are very strong and her schizophrenia has advanced.I imagine if she keeps holding to her delusions about good or evil,God and devil,she would hold it against you worse then before hospitalization.I’m sorry @Blossom that you have to go trough all of that.

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@Blossom, it sounds like you should ask your dad to call social services so you’re not the bad guy. I’m sorry you’re losing your mom but her mind is already gone. She needs meds to love you properly. But I understand if you can’t handle asking your dad.

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Sorry, wrong thread.

I’m sorry that you’re going through this.
Maybe you can ask your psychiatrist for advice on what to do.

In the meantime hang in there @Blossom.


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