My mom doesnt want me on cymbalta, but why?

So currently on escitalopram and dont have almost side effects, but i dont find it too effective. Cymbalta on the otherside has a lot of side effects like urine retention, sweating and heavy insomnia. I become really social on cymbalta and a bit impulsive (made so bad expensive purchases on it). My mom is mainly worried because of my sleep. Everytime i relapse i stop sleeping, thus she associates with my upcoming relapse. I have doubts with cymbalta myself as it comes, like said, with heavy side effects. Any your family member have a saying on your meds?

My parents want me to stay on the meds I’m on now

My family does have input.

Can you not go on a higher dose of your current med if it has little to no side effects?

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Cymbalta can be a good choice for older people who are in pain.
It works well for me if I take it with 50mg Quetiapine and 16mg Codeine.
I do find it causes Anhedonia which someone with the negative symptoms of schizophrenia wouldn’t find beneficial.
Cymbalta is slowly replacing the older drug Amitriptyline, which causes weight gain and more dangerous in overdose.
Escitalopram and Cymbalta are nothing alike, apart from both being classed as antidepressants.
Fluoxetine and Sertraline are more activating than Escitalopram, but if you try them, start at 10mg Fluoxetine or 25mg Sertraline and then increase the dose very slowly, lots of people have problems with these medications if they have mania or psychosis.

Yeah ive been on amitryptiline also, they feel really similar with cymbalta

I wouldn’t take a drug that interacts with my sleep. When I stop sleeping, I know I’m on a highway to hell!

My dad always asked me about taking my meds .I said yes don’t worry.

My brother doesn’t like the meds I’m on currently but that’s because he sees how negatively they affect me, and how much more happy and functional I was on Asenapine

Those side effects aren’t good. Let your dr decide after you describe to them what you said to us

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