Cymbalta questions

How much Cymbalta do you take? How do you feel?

I take 60mg a day. I really don’t feel anything but also I’m having issues with my antipsychotic.

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What antipsychotic do you take? What are the issues you’re having? How long have you been taking the Cymbalta 60mg?

Leaf, I’ve been on cymbalta since September. I’m taking perphenizine for the antipsychotic. Overly stimulated by the antipsychotic. We switched from zyprexa 15mg because of tardive riskiness. But it was the best one so far.

Well I hope it turns around for you and you start getting some relief soon. I got tardive dyskinesia from Abilify of all things so you never know what might cause it.

I take 90mg a day. It works for me ok. I still get some depression but it is not disabling and I don’t get suicidal thoughts anymore.

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I take 60 mg. It helps with depression, though I also take Wellbutrin XL and Lamictal for my mood symptoms. It also helps some with my chronic back pain, which is a nice bonus.

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