My military unit

I completed my mandatory military service 22 years ago. My military unit was for people who had something wrong with them. I was a scribe. Although I was in the air defence I never saw any air defence weapons. People in the unit did all kinds of crazy things. One person had tried to enter to the palace of the President and he was brought back by the military police to the unit. Once one person had escaped from the unit and stayed away for few weeks, but after my talk with him he returned and spent some time in the lock-up. Another time one person came to the unit totally drunk and started fighting with an officer, nothing happened to him, but he was promoted to be a scribe in the officers school and I had to train him how to be one. All kinds of crazy things happened. During my military service I traveled in the world, went to Lapland skiing, spent some time in America and so on. That was my military service.