Have you ever been in the military

I had to complete my mandatory military service in 1991-92. I was in the ‘embo’ unit, where people who had something wrong in them were, yes, it was an invalid unit. It was a part of the air defence, but funnily I never saw any real air defence weapons. I know nothing about any air defence. I was a scribe and I scheduled other people in the unit to some duties in kitchen, guard places and elsewhere. I called the unit as ‘a holiday company’. During the military service I traveled in America, Sweden, Lappland and elsewhere in Finland. In the end of the service I was promoted to the rank of corporal which was the highest rank in the 8-month service. During the service I even got a Soviet military medal from another person, which was a joke of ours. After the service I had a wedding in Atlanta, America. Yes, this was my military service.


Its hard to get into the military in my country Ireland, as Ireland is a neutral country, so doesn’t have much need for an army. Anyway, I would have liked to have been in the army when I was young, it would have looked good on my CV, resume.

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I was in the U.S. Navy for over two years, before I got a early discharge.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

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In the 1990s in America I was involved in some DMSO (Defence Modeling and Simulation Office) activities. I even had my own personal 800-number to the U.S. military computers.


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I was an artilleryman in the 82nd airborne (para) as a machine gunner advance party man. My primary weapons were: Squad automatic weapon, Mossberg 500 12 ga, m4 carbine, and 240b machine gun, m1 .50 cal machine gun, and mk 19 automatic grenade launcher. I turned 20 in Afghanistan and came home and left ft. Bragg after attending a secondary school at 21. Every other branch I served in like USMC or navsta Waukegan were short lived and I will always miss parachuting…and shooting, no firearms for me now. Although I’ve been known to go with a friend to a range once in awhile.

I think it’s really peculiar that so many suffering vets sleep with their weapons and do everything with them and then are expected to put them down when they come home…it took me awhile to understand I didn’t need a weapon to feel safe just communication and common sense. When the paranoia is real, or was real it totally affects your perceptions on your personal mission in the military. I operated the m119a2 howitzer, (105mm), and 120mm mortar systems also. I was very young, and still it seems like my family doesn’t have the confidence in me for what I did. Most did not support my endeavors especially my father who refused to see me in uniform or come to my school graduations. It’s a bitter feeling to know that my family has practically forgot that I was in basic training when 9/11 happened…

I served as a bridgebuilder/demolitioner. Helping tanks get across rivers and stuff. Cant say I liked being in the army for a year. Honestly I hated it.

I didn’t always enjoy it either, I’d say I’ve served a bit over four years in armed forces. But I was mainly an army guy.

Airsoft military, if that counts. Other than that no. I just recently turned 18 years of age.
They asked me to join but I declined.

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I have a kwa green gas airsoft right on