Have you ever been in an army

I completed my 8-month military service in 1992 and I became a Corporal, but then in the 1990s and 2000 I met many veterans of American wars and they told how badly they were treated as veterans after they had completed their assignments in the Persian Gulf and Vietnam and elsewhere, my thesis advisor was a Vietnam war veteran who had fallen twice in a helicopter, he was an organizational psychologist who taught me how to deal with the death. My former U.S. woman’s grandfather had been a Colonel in the U.S. military who had transferred some bodies in the trunk of an auto in Venezuela and so on.

Not me personally, I considered it briefly.
I was a military “brat” from birth to 21 years…father retired military, two brothers went military and 1st husband was military too.
Very familiar with military life.

when i was eighteen i had done the initial fitness test to go in to the royal marines, but then i realized i had to swear allegiance to the queen ! i mean how out dated is that , so basically i burnt the whole office down, no, wait, i had a sz moment there , i actually just walked out and refused.
take care
p.s my mum tried to send me off to the army school at thirteen ,basically the army in junior, give a sz a gun, trust me nothing bad is going to happen !

There is no real military history in my family. It’s probably because there is a very real mental illness history in my family.

In the end of my military service in May 1992 I lost my control and I said some very bad things to sergeants, which could have caused some serious trouble for me, some lock-up time, because I had violated the military code, but I managed to go over it. In the U.S. military they would be court martialed. I was just asked to the office of Captain who told me that in the military people should not abuse power. My fellow person in the unit witnessed the whole event and he gave me a Soviet military 1988 medal for my great performance, and I was also asked to spend some time with the military priest and I had to stay behind when others went to do some practice shooting. I figured they thought there was something wrong with me, but still I was promoted to the rank of Corporal, the highest rank of a 8-month service. My military unit was for men who had some health issues.

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