My little science experiment

So, after a ton of research. I’m trying b complex, nac, d-serine, glycine, for schizoaffective disorder.

I’ll post my results in a week to 10days.

The only thing, i was thinking, i gotta look more into contraindications


Welcome to the forum! Be careful when treating your mental illness. You should do it with a drs permission and also supervision


I know. I only see them as adjuncts to meds. honestly, earlier i was having some pretty lofty goals, as far as how well they might work.

this ties in with that. I take clozaril…I know sarcosine just ain’t gonna cut it as an AP

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That can take months to show an effect apparently.

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i think it depends a lot on age and how much you need. Glutothione levels start going down after 45-50 yrs old.

i’m 47 and i respond to most meds/supps dosages in the low to mid range.

Anyway, i’m gonna revise and only take one NAC and one D-Serine, for probably, idk 2-3 weeks.

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companies have methylated, now folic acid and b12, since it’s hard to absorb, esp for me

I take my B12 as a lozenge. That is, it dissolvers in my mouth.

is it methyl b12? cuz regular b12, is so hard to absorb, look at the back of b12 supps, they are like 1200% of what is needed daily, people get those shots of b12 cuz of that

i think it’s similar to folic acid, methylated. all i know is newer b complex vitamins have methylated folic acid and b12.

LOL, i still gotta research exactly what inositol is, they call it b8, but it’s not a b vitamin.

b6 has been proposed as an adjunct to APs

and niacin, lol. who knows

Yes, I take methylcobalamin. It is in an attractive cherry flavor.

Heads up. Someone on forum became manic with nac recently.

Don’t remember who.

yea, cuz of that type of thing. i’m taking a much more conservative, approach now.

bare minimum dosages:of NAC and serine, for 2-3 weeks.

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i have tried NAC before, but i didn’t realize it would take so long, so i would give up.

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yes, it is weird science x100

ok. i finally saw my doc. i’ve been researching the supps, more and more.

my doc, said, my recent troubles, where i had some serious psychosis going on, were due to me messing with my paxil and clozapine, dosages. I’M GUILTY as charged.

she kinda just scoffed at the supps, like, whatever, but, either way, i think some, very few supps can help…and hurt.

If you take clozaril/clozapine: d-serine and sarcosine could be interfering.

i’m only taking l-methylfolate: folic acid. not a b complex vitamin

i’m taking NAC and glycine. might have a synergistic effect, small doses in AM

other stuff, is meh, you can look around at research and it’s there.

KISS: “keep it simple stupid”

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it’s pretty much just, me taking: AM: 600mg NAC and 500mg Glycine, as they have a synergistic effect.
B-complex with methyl folate and methyl b12

i’m taking into account, i need to stabilize on my AP and ssri, so it’s gonna take a while to give results.

a BIG thing, too, is my diet is super clean, i have not had much junk, lately, i excercise, too. it’s probably better than any supp.

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They indirectly mention not to take sarcosine with clozapine.

How was it so far?