My list of religious delusions

I thought God was speaking to me. In the form of voices.

I thought I was going to be the forth most powerful being in the universe, as my reward for my suffering.

I thought I was the most righteous being in the universe, therefore because of that reason I thought I was called the one.

I thought I was the antichrist.

I thought I was one ot the two witnesses, in the book of Revelations in the bible.


@Jake, didnt you post it few days ago?
Im following religious discusion threads, but as Christian, I found most of stuff we imaginated while psychotic are false beleives.

I don’t know, I forgot.

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Well, I felt similar things, and still having it.
But I try to find answer in smaller things, like helping the poor, feeding homeless, such things that would simple Christian do.
I volunteered in church kitchen, talked to poor people etc
Im now careful with predicting, ego, voices and such.
How does it seem to you?

What do you mean. When you said, “How does it seem to you?”.

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Sorry, emergency here…

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Didnt mean to insult you.

You didn’t insult me.

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I only meant that because you read Bible, some things may pop up as delusions, bc is sometimes for sz it could be hard to interpretate it…

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