My leg won't stop shaking

I’m freaking out… I don’t know what’s going on… someone???

What meds are you on? I’m thinking tardivedisconisia possibly.

I used to get so scared I’d shake, before starting my ap’s.

Abilify and Lexapro and thorazine.

Restless leg syndrome? :thinking:

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nope rls is felt only at night when you wanna sleep
and nothing shakes you just cant be still

Not correct. I’ve had it in the middle of the day before. And it made me shake my leg, which is why I suggested it.

i thought his leg is shaking on its own

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I’m not a doctor. But this is a side effect of your meds in my opinion. It could be serious or it might pass, so talk to your psychiatrist.

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maybe its something innocuous like magnesium deficit lets not panic

your leg’s shaking, eh? :thinking:

either your body’s telling you to dance :wink: :dark_sunglasses:

or you’re experiencing a serious medical condition/spasm… :frowning:

have you talked to your doctor about this?