Anxiety and leg bouncing? are they linked?

I am continually bouncing my legs while I’m awake. I feel especially nervous when I pay attention to it but most of the time it’s just something I do, nervous or not. I just wondered because I heard there’s a term for the leg bouncing and I forgot what it’s called.

Restless leg syndrome. It doesn’t sound like tremors.

You quit smoking bro? Or change your meds?

I’m about 3 hours away from 2 full days. Don’t feel like smoking at all, but everything feels totally different then what I’m used too. It’s crazy.

I stop smoking monday. that’s what I’m aiming for…2 days is awesome !! fight for it!! my meds are the same.

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Nice man, has it always been this way or is it a new thing. It could be related to smoking.

Meditation fight help you find some contentment.

I’ve bounced my legs even before I got sick some 18 years ago…yes meditation does help doesn’t it?

I’ve always had it with anxiety. Mostly in my teens though. Had the same thought of rest leg syndrome but doesn’t really describe it. As with the leg movement it’s just trying to burn off the excess nervous energy. rls is more a physical irritation feeling needing to move the leg.

I’d go with the smoking causing the anxiety. Just focus on breathing exercises. Suck a straw if it helps.

I don’t think its anxiety related. I typically bounce my leg when I’m comfortable. So at least not in my case.

I fiddle with ■■■■ constantly too. Some of us are just active like that. I quit keeping track of how anxiety plays into it.

[quote=“SoitGoes, post:7, topic:29873”]
I typically bounce my leg when I’m comfortable.

I fiddle with ■■■■ constantly too. [/quote]

That’s anxiety you just described @SoitGoes All of it.

Are you thinking of “Akathisia?”

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Well it’s not like nervousness. There is no fear involved. Just a need to be active or maybe even distracted(perhaps to prevent any possible anxiety) maybe it’s just killing time.

Denial is a river in egypt and all that. It’s not major but is anxiety related.

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Thanks doc :smile: I’ll have to do something about that

Talk to a professional ie a therapist about it and prove me wrong. :sunglasses:

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With me there is a strong connection between my leg bouncing and my anxiety, or maybe restlessness is a better word. I try to resist it.

If you;re on an anti-P, you may need some Cogentin benzotropine to manage the “extrapyramidal” side effects.

my pdoc won’t prescribe any benzos of any kind at our clinic. thank you for clearing up what I have though. I appreciate it.

I hope that was sarcasm. He doesn’t read all the comments. So most likely missed you had that before you where on meds.

He’s talking about a benzotropine which will help with movement disorders not to be confused with benzodiazapine which are addictive and used for anxiety.

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