Dark sense of humor and my mental state

I truly believe that I’m a good person and help everyone I can but I have a dark sense of humor that usually leads to someone getting hurt and I can’t help from laughing when it happens, I don’t want to sound evil or anything because I’m not. Everyone that meets me eventually says, “Well there’s obviously something wrong with his head”. They say this because I change voices all the time and I cannot help from doing it, I range from sounding aggressively mean to way to nice, I hear voices but they mostly sound exactly like the people around me but they aren’t saying what I’m hearing and sometimes I forget this and that’s when my “humor” kicks in for revenge, I know myself better than anyone else so I don’t seek treatment. I’m finally accepting that the people on TV can’t see what I’m doing and other people can’t hear my thoughts, Does anybody out there know where I’m coming from? Any advice?

Ignore negative voices.

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