My latest thought of recovery

I noticed how being open to new mental states i.e. you are open to new experiences, can help you further.
I must say I was really stucked and what I tried was looking back to old me. Now when I have not been hunting my old me - instead I’m gaining new vibes of the current moment.

It’s like lot of us switched to a parallel existence, after getting schizophrenia.

In a nutshell:
don’t avoid anything and be open to new mental states. Especially the new experiences can make you a lot stronger and also they help you to get further.


Lets up this thread, maybe this is just what someone needs right now. :sunny:

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Thank you!!! I needed this right now.

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Man I just love this kind of moments. Thank you again.

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Works most of the time to me too. It’s a great trick to
diverte away from the old same mental state. :wink:

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These kind of moments…

Hey! Shania looks like @Sarad in this video! :slight_smile:

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I have to disagree.

Closing my mind to certain mental states has helped me more. Closed a few doors so to speak

Or maybe not state of mind. But certain beliefs.


Maybe this doesn’t work for you, but for those who hate “same’ish” ■■■■ happening to them. I’m an artist and need changes all the time.

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But does that help psychosis?

I wouldn’t recommend anyone anything if I knew he/she has a psychosis. But people who have recovered and don’t have psychosis could try this - if they feel like they are stucked…

I start feeling emotion. Is that a good sign?

I am often closed to feeling. I primarily feel anger and determination. Self hatred doused in discipline and then saturated with science.

The thing is, I know the way I think and feel is pathological but it gets results which may translate into helping people beyond just friends and people on here like I do now.

I’ve always been rather emotionally numb due to trauma and then scz made it worse. I find rational thought to be my thing. Science, psychology. Research. Empirical inquiry. Medications. Exercise. Nutrition. Skepticism.

Not much of a touchy feely person. I flip that switch on with other mentally ill people. I feel a surge of empathy for us. I just exclude myself because I…I’m ■■■■■■ up. I am supposed to suffer and live in pain because otherwise I would be in a graveyard or prison. I just don’t feel sorry for myself. I feel like wanting to be a S.E.A.L. was the end of feeling sorry for myself. That happened when I was a boy, not even an adolescent.

In a way I begged for pain to make me stronger. I just got served the pain they don’t have on the menu, the fanciest dishes aren’t on the menu.

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