Flames metal song of the day

I figured id kick this off with a very viking song its actualy folk rock that i find funny. Its very metal in concept though so give it a listen and enjoy.


Thats fantastic

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Right this song makes me happy its like a ridiculous ballad and despite the language barrier i sing it often im glad it has english subs on it tho.

I find it funny too. It made me smile.

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For some reason, I feel like slaying a bear and wearing its pelt for clothes today!

I wonder why.

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That was awesome, jack blacks group has a song, don’t know the name, but it’s an epic song, very funny

Been listening to a lot of trivium, mudvayne, and tool

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Love all thos bands

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Im glad i could put up a song to awaken your inner viking.


That driving rhythm is motivating

Nothingmore has a video for the song Jenny that is powerful

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I was gonna post that today its a mental health awareness song…ill pick something else now. …

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You should post it, it’s a powerful message, I don’t know how to post videos

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